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Ms. Hong Lu , who lives in the sea of ​​30-year- old, in a foreign company as a translator . Yesterday , told reporters that her husband are sent every year the same birthday - Gamma Blue 11s for sale, married six years sent six pairs of shoes , all witnessed her husband 's loving husband and wife with each pair of shoes . In 2008, the company's first appreciation banquet, she met a 10 -year-old Wu successful people , two fall in love , get married after six months . Wu courtly, considerate of her marriage in every possible way . Just do not call his wife's cell phone calls, take the initiative to help her recharge ; wife's high-end clothes dirty, Ng drove the clothes to the dry cleaners , a few days and then take it back. Ms. Hai is the circle of "Gamma Blue 11s 2013 control" , starting from the high school, even if it is home to pocket money , she should save down to his shoes . After work, Ms. sea frenzied obsession for shoes , light shoes inside her boudoir there are hundreds of pairs. After marriage, Mr. Wu is also dedicated to her spare room as a shoe room. To this end , the annual birthday , Mr. Wu will send a pair of Gamma Blue 11s for his wife as a gift . Married that year , Mr. Wu carefully pick a pair of white high-top shoes back to power , because he wanted his wife " to retain the campus of the innocent ." Three years ago, Ms. sea now switched to this foreign, often need to socialize and forth, Mr. Wu gave his wife bought a pair of fit yet stylish leopard flat shoes . "This year is the sixth anniversary of our marriage , I was ready to take her trip to Tibet , where is the nearest place from heaven , and I hope that with the most important person in life experience together, so I gave her a pair of outdoor hiking jordan 11 Gamma Blue for sale ." Wu said his wife is also interested in sharing a life of fun, he has been so willing to send down.
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Recently, the brand introduced its men's Selfridges new concept . Store ground floor furnished with 72,000 pairs of Gamma 11s , making it the world's largest men's department , operating more than 250 brands , as well as a men's custom salon. Great span of commodity prices dragged from civilians priced £ 25 Havaianas flip to 10,000 pounds over Tom Ford custom boots , everything. The store also has a special driving Gamma Blue 11s ( can go anywhere to wear shoes , comfortable, lightweight , casual ) partitions provide shoes from Tod's, Gucci, Carshoe, Bottega Veneta, Prada and other brands , the partition is designed to be a Ferrari antique -inspired body salon . Menswear department director David Walker-Smith , said: "This new space to occupy an important place in our men's overall plan - Selfridges is developing the concept of male fashion is to follow Oxford Street opened in 2010 selling Gamma Blue 11s For Sale gallery . footsteps footwear giant Kurt Geiger -. has hundreds of footwear sector in shopping malls across the country - is responsible for the supervision and control of casual luxury footwear. New entrants Selfridges footwear brand : Kenzo, McQ, Burberry and Barbour already focused on shelves ; while Lanvin, Versace [ microblogging ], Dr Martens and Trickers then each have a unique style stores . February next year , Christian Louboutin red bottom shoes series will be stationed in Selfridges - will be the first exclusive boutiques around the world of the French designer . Walker-Smith added: " Our aim is to shock our customers by providing the most international brand in the retail environment customized to grasp the core of our business ." Just last week, the retail giant has just announced that its 103 -year history , with sales for the first time to break the £ 1 billion mark.
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