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Ms. Hong Lu , who lives in the sea of ​​30-year- old, in a foreign company as a translator . Yesterday , told reporters that her husband are sent every year the same birthday - Gamma Blue 11s for sale, married six years sent six pairs of shoes , all witnessed her husband 's loving husband and wife with each pair of shoes . In 2008, the company's first appreciation banquet, she met a 10 -year-old Wu successful people , two fall in love , get married after six months . Wu courtly, considerate of her marriage in every possible way . Just do not call his wife's cell phone calls, take the initiative to help her recharge ; wife's high-end clothes dirty, Ng drove the clothes to the dry cleaners , a few days and then take it back. Ms. Hai is the circle of "Gamma Blue 11s 2013 control" , starting from the high school, even if it is home to pocket money , she should save down to his shoes . After work, Ms. sea frenzied obsession for shoes , light shoes inside her boudoir there are hundreds of pairs. After marriage, Mr. Wu is also dedicated to her spare room as a shoe room. To this end , the annual birthday , Mr. Wu will send a pair of Gamma Blue 11s for his wife as a gift . Married that year , Mr. Wu carefully pick a pair of white high-top shoes back to power , because he wanted his wife " to retain the campus of the innocent ." Three years ago, Ms. sea now switched to this foreign, often need to socialize and forth, Mr. Wu gave his wife bought a pair of fit yet stylish leopard flat shoes . "This year is the sixth anniversary of our marriage , I was ready to take her trip to Tibet , where is the nearest place from heaven , and I hope that with the most important person in life experience together, so I gave her a pair of outdoor hiking jordan 11 Gamma Blue for sale ." Wu said his wife is also interested in sharing a life of fun, he has been so willing to send down.
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